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Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon is known as the crown jewel of Iceland (even nicknamed “diamond beach”), so what better place to propose to the love of your life with your own sparkling rock? In December 2018, Jonathan did exactly that and proposed to Ellen during sunrise in Jökulsárlón. The setting was stunning, taking place on a grand icy beach leading to the lagoon with the moon shining brightly in the blueish-orange sky.

With the weather constantly changing, previously drawn up locations might not work, so when Jonathan felt that it was the right time, he knelt down and popped the question. Photographer Mait Jüriado was there to capture the happy couple on their big day. “You just feel it’s the right time! That’s just how it went for Jonathan and Ellen too, as we didn’t plan this epic sunrise in Iceland or the lagoon with spectacular ice – it just happened and it was perfect,” said Mait. “There’s no need to worry about missing the ‘right’ moment, it’s not worth the trouble because we will have so many more magical moments and places on our journey than you can ever imagine.”

Keep reading to see all the beautiful photos from the spectacular day, including the pair’s exploration of blue ice caves that feature centuries-old ice — a once-in-a-lifetime experience as these caves evolve yearly due to rock erosion. Prepare to lose yourself in this otherworldly proposal!

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