These Are the Best Dating Apps For Nonbinary Humans

As one of those perpetually single 20-somethings, I have, of course, tried my fair share of dating apps. I’ve seen the good, the bad, and every imaginable variation of the ubiquitous fish picture (you know the one: a guy proudly posing with a fish he just caught). But after coming out as nonbinary, I had a whole new set of questions that I needed to answer, like which apps would let me include a useful gender description? Which apps were best for searching and finding people who would be interested in me? And which apps were, in essence, the most nonbinary friendly? Here, to hopefully save you some time and heartache, are my incredibly subjective findings. I give you the most popular dating apps and how they rank on nonbinary friendliness (note: I only included apps that offer a free service).

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