Library Card Bookmark (Free Printables)

If you’ve followed me (Emma) for any length of time, then you already know I’m a pretty huge book nerd and a big lover of my local library. And this was the inspiration behind these fun little downloadable bookmarks I’m sharing today. I thought it would be really fun to have a bookmark that I could add book titles to as I read my way through books throughout the year. Something that looked like a library catalog card. I also thought this would be a really fun (yet simple) thing to print at home and give alongside a book or bookstore gift card. This could be for upcoming birthdays, Father’s Day, or holidays later this year. I love having a little handmade element along with a non-handmade gift—just feels extra special.

I worked with Canon USA to create this post, and the download you can grab and use if you’re a book lover or book giver like me. I use my PIXMA TS9521C printer multiple times a week. It’s been my go-to home printer for years now and I love that it can print and scan work documents as well as high quality color prints like photos or craft projects I’m working on. It’s awesome!

This printable download has two pages. One has all black and white bookmarks, in case you want to keep it simple. And the second has colorful options! You can mix and match and if you are using this alongside a book gift hopefully there is an option that speaks to the recipient.

Click here to download both.

I used Canon Photo Paper Pro Luster to print my bookmarks on. It’s a sturdy paper with some gloss, but not quite high gloss. I used bookmark covers, but this paper is sturdy enough you really don’t have to as they could hold up on their own. And yes, it’s a good paper to write on; I would recommend a marker or felt tip, but I tried ink pens and they worked well too.

-bookmark download
-home printer
-sturdy printer paper
bookmark covers, optional (inside capacity should be 2 3/8″ x 8″)
-fabric scissors

Step One: Print the bookmarks and cut them out. If you are using bookmark covers (like I did), add them to the cover. If not, simply punch or cut a hole in the top to add a tassel.

Here’s how to make a quick tassel. You could also add pom poms, braided yarn strands, or loose yarn strands—lots of different options for finishing your bookmark!

Step Two: Make the tassel or other embellishment for the top of the bookmark.

-Wrap yarn around a small book or photo album.
-Loosely tie the middle, leaving extra yarn (this is what will tie the tassel to the bookmark).
-Remove the looped yarn from the book and cut the ends.
-Tie yarn around the top, to help the tassel hold its shape.

Step Three: Add the tassel to the bookmark cover. That’s it!

Now you’re ready to gift or add the titles of books to your own bookmark. Thanks for letting me share and happy reading! xo. Emma

Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop. Bookmark design: Mara Dockery.

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