Episode #30: (MINI) Our Bucket Lists

In this mini episode we’re sharing items from our bucket lists!

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Show notes: 

Elsie- buy a home in Palm Springs.

-You can see the “Swiss Miss” homes and read some history here.

Emma- publish a work of fiction.

Elsie- be a crazy dressed old lady (and also middle aged lady on the way!)

Emma- live in a comfortable, peaceful, beautiful home that others enjoy spending time in.

Elsie- travel to Japan and India as a family.

Emma- travel to Antarctica.

Elsie- design a hotel or motel.

Emma- learn to speak Spanish, possibly through an immersion program.

Elsie- build a ceramics and painting studio for my golden years.

Ok- your turn! What’s on YOUR bucket list?

And if you have questions send them to us here- podcast AT a beautiful mess DOT com

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